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  • Sandy's success story

    Proud of the physical changes

    When I started bootcamp I couldn't even hold a plank, much less do a push-up or lift a barbell properly. Although I do believe you have to have an "I can do this" mentality to do the wods, I find it most motivating to be able to do things I couldn't do th...


  • Carrie's success story

    Proud of my mental changes

    I do not like to miss a work out anymore. Even when I don't make it to the box I'm running or doing something at home. We have also completely transformed our diet into 80% paleo and I feel like a new person! I of course like the physical changes as well,...


  • Mike Rickman's success story

    Won’t be celebrating with pizza

    Hello and thank you for reading my total body and mind transformation (still in progress). This letter is coming to light later than I planned, 1 year to be exact. Last year as I approached my 1 year paleo anniversary of living a clean healthy lifestyle, ...

    Mike Rickman

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