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Cheri Willmuth and Kristi Fairchild

Congratulating our June Members of the Month, Cheri Willmuth and Kristi Fairchild

Warriors, join us in congratulating our June Members of the Month, Cheri Willmuth and Kristi Fairchild! We asked them to share a little bit about their time here at Mighty Warrior and we hope you enjoy their answers as much as we did!


What’s been your proudest moment at Mighty Warrior?

Cheri: Proudest moment was definitely my 100 lb 1 rep max back squat we did back in February. Finally made it to a triple digit number. I started CrossFit in July of 2018 and I was back squatting like not even 60 lbs then.

Kristi: Getting my toes to the bar

What’s your favorite workout?

Cheri: Clean and jerks are pretty fun, doesn’t mean I’m good at them though ha ha!

Kristi: Bench Press

What advice would you give to someone who is hesitant to start CrossFit?

Cheri: I was hesitant for the 5 years my husband tried talking me into trying CrossFit. I told him it was for strong dudes, I wouldn’t fit in, I would be embarrassed, I can’t do it, no way – I had one million reasons not to. I finally decided to try the first free work out and I realized CrossFit IS for everyone! Every movement can be scaled and modified to what you can do and even better, everyone at Mighty Warrior CrossFit is so nice, encouraging, and supportive.

Kristi: It is a safe environment with many ways to scale and/or adjust to your fitness level

What’s a fun fact about you that most Warriors might not know?

Cheri: Other Warriors probably know a lot about me, because I’m an over sharer and a talker ☺ …. But maybe they wouldn’t know I like to raise Monarch Butterflies every summer and I’m obsessed with my flower garden for them.

Kristi: I can make balloon animals

What’s the next goal you’re looking to achieve?

Cheri: Toes to Bar would be awesome

Kristi: My life goal is to do one pull up on my own. I just transitioned to the black band so getting closer. When I started a year ago I couldn’t even hold onto the bar. I’m super pumped to see how far this year has brought me! I love this community. It has been so encouraging!!!

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